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July 26, 2011

Tastes and its Importance

As per Siddha Treatment The tastes plays a vital role to maintain a good health and stable mind.  Adding these sis tastes even everyone of us feels deep satisfaction after every meals or feel of quenched. 
We need to add the three tastes in the form of cooked food or raw food in our daily walk of life. 

Astringency taste helps in sufficient blood secretion, helps in balanced haemoglobin, proper heart functioning etc. This taste is present naturally some of the edible flowers, vegetables and green leaves. 

Salt taste helps for bone growth and body metabolism.  This taste is present naturally in Rock salt or Sea Salt.

Sweet taste helps in tissue growth and promotes body metabolism.  You can find sweetness taste in Fruits, Honey, pale jagger, palm sugar and Jaggery. 

Sourness helps to maintain balance cholesterol. You find this case in all citrus based fruits like orange, lemon, tomato, tamarind and Amala. 

Bitterness helps in strengthening the Central Nervous System (CNS). You can find this taste in vegetables like bitter guard and in green leaves.

Helps proper functioning of glands and enzyme secretions. This taste is present in pepper and chills. 

All the six tastes directly or indirectly plays a role in functioning of major organs in our physic. 

1. Lungs
2. Heart
3. Gall Bladder
4. Liver
5. Stomach
6. Pancreas
7. Kidney
8. Small Intestine
9. Large Intestine
10. Urinary Bladder
11. Spleen
12. Reproductive System
13. Brain 

Types of Treatments to cure for ailments 

1. Aroma Therapy 
2. Music Therapy: ­ Kafi Raga, Darbari Raga, Raga Malkauns, Raga Asawari , Ahir
Bhairav, Chandra Kauns
3. Pranic Healing
4. Allopathic
5. Homeopathy
6. Ayurvetha
7. Siddtha
8. Naturopathy
9. Acupuncture
10. Yunani Treatment
11. Magnetic Therapy
12. Electro Signal Therapy
13. Yoga and Meditation Trophy
14. Anatomic Therapy
15. Vedic Therapy
16. Mantra Therapy
17. Homa Therapy
18. Psycho­Physical Therapy
19. Acu Touch
20. Acu Pressure
21. Varma
22. Massage Therapy
23. Metal Ash Therapy
24. Pranayamam
25. Mudras etc.,

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