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Oil Bath is Essential to every one

Oil Massage
Why oil bath is essential?

There are ‘six’ core pores in the human body. Everyday our cells send out salt, oil and sweat. These excreted items close the pores in our skin. Oil bath and oil
massage opens up these pores. Human body works with the help of cosmic
energy / Life force energy / Universal energy. These 6 core pores are the prime
source to absorb this energy into human body system. Without cosmic energy a
man is dead.

Siddha treatment says that, the traditional oil bath is used to keep bones healthy
till old age, which is now gone completely especially among urbanites!

Castor oil or sesame oil can be used / combination of both can be used.

Once in a week, apply sufficient amount of oil throughout the body and
scalp. Gently massage and leave it for minimum half an hour. Wash with gram flour or any herbal powder.

Oil bath on regular basis,
  • Alleviates all sorts of bone disorder
  • Improves the body immunity power
  • Alleviates back pain problem
  • Prevent skin allergies
  • Acts as better lubricant to all bone joints
  • Balances the body Temperature

Oil Pullling

Oil pulling helps a lot for increasing immunity. When there is no time to take oil
bath, this is simple alternate method. Through the taste buds, oil from one’s mouth is taken to various major organs. Sesame oil or Ghee can be used for oil pulling.

"When oil bath is taken avoid sleep in the day time. "


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