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                     Health best of all gains and peace of mind is the best of all happiness.

 Dear Readers,
Good day wishes to you!

Welcome to my Blogspot!!!!

Here I would like to share few of my life experiences with you !!!!! 
" No Poison can kill a positive thinker! No medicine can cure a negative thinker!! As long as your power of Intentions are right and positive. "
 "Doctor gives Medicine-God cures the Disease"
I Lakshmi hailing from Coimbatore working as a Professor in an Engineering College. Since last year I was suffering from Uterus Cancer. I was unaware about health and diseases by that time. The pain and turmoil's which I had suffered cannot be expressed in words. I was suffering like anything without a hope.
By God's grace I was lucky enough to meet V.Senthil Kumar - contact number: 9965745268 ,( a Siddha Doctor at Karaikudi). That day became a  turning point in my life ,I understood  Human Body Anatomy cause and cure for various diseases. Slowly,I have started gaining the real courage and confidence. The tremendous intelligence, timely care , advice and medicines prescribed  by Dr. Ganesan helped me to achieve a perfect health. It would be nice if I could share my experiences and knowledge which  I gained in the last year.
Dr. A. Ganasan who had completed Diploma in Ayurveda Compounder & Diploma in Naturopathy, have a tremendous knowledge about Metal Ash Treatment, Acu Touch, Acu Puncture and Siddha, Herbal treatment to cure 'n' number of diseases.
Anyone who would like to avail his support / facility shall contact: V.Senthil Kumar - contact number: 9965745268
"My special thanks goes to Healer Baskar for Picturing my knowledge into this blog ." 
I would highly appreciate, if you keep reading my articles and provide me with your valuable suggestions....

Health is the only prime most asset for a person...Keep following all the given points to safeguard your potential asset. If you follow all these points, it adds value for my effort.
It is a very old maxim that "Health is Wealth". A healthy person can work with efficiency to earn wealth. The man who is not having a good health spends lot of money on medicines and doctors. He is never cheerful. Which in itself is a wealth? But we have to take precautions for building up a good health. Healthy body is always dependent on the healthy mind. For maintaining good health we should always be away from the bad habits like smoking, drinking and drug addiction. We should have morning walk regularly, light exercise in fresh air and a stroll after dinner. We should not be jealous of others. We should always take balanced and nutritious diet. One should always develop the habits of cleanliness to keep healthy.

For any question / clarification feel free to send an e-mail.

I heart-fully pray and wish everyone to have a happy living .

Note : It would be better to read "For Long Life" article without fail, which was published in the month of July-2011. This article is more than sufficient to get rid of all the physical ailments. For Long Life   

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