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July 26, 2011

For Tummy reduction

The reason for Tummy is deposition of more toxins into the body.

The following two facts if any one follows can reduce weight easily:

Easily Weight can be reduced, once in a month pills for diarrhea  is taken to keep the intestines clean and fresh.

Chew the food to the core finer molecule level.
 For Tummy reduction

1. Avoid taking curd and butter milk in the night. It is poisonousness to consume curd and butter milk after the sunset.

2. Avoid big onion which leads to lot of gas trouble. Add as much possible small onions.

3. Eat only when you feel hungry.

4.  Do you know what signal our body gives us to stop eating?????
     Avoid eating if any one of these things happen with you!!!!
     a) Suddenly food becomes tasteless.
     b) Feeling Heaviness in Stomach.
     c) There is gas release in your mouth. 

5. Chew the food to the core finer particles. While chewing close the lips. Avoid speaking over phone/watching television/reading/talking with someone.

6. Chew and swallow consciously and slowly.

" I am sure if he/she follows all the above points no need of any exercise/gym/diet/yoga. 

You may be surprised!!!

No need to even avoid oil items. You can eat all your favorite food items."


  1. Nice Information , will back to u soon with my results in reducing tummy ! :)

  2. Very easy way to reduce tummy and happy to hear that there is no need to avoid oily items

  3. What is the name of the diarrhea pill advised to be taken monthly? Pl give the name of an ayurvedic tablet. Also won't the body get addicted to it? Is purging like this harmful in any way?

  4. Its really interesting info you shared here and i enjoyed a lot this info.

  5. Can’t believe you have put it so well that even a newbie like me can understand it. Many many thanks.

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