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July 26, 2011

Live Long - Without Diseases

Hey!!!Welcome to this blog!!!!

Do you prefer to Live long without diseases??????????
Are you fed up with taking Different kind of medicines ??????(Yukkkk)
Then what are you waiting for???????? Go ahead read this blog... I bet you,if you follow the given points as much as possible you will get rid of your ailments.......
Ready for the Bet?????????????????

You must be wondering how is that possible to cure your diseases without taking medicines? aren't you????... Of course you will!!!!

Can you live without air??????????
Can you live without Food????????
Can you live without Water??????? 

If, answers for the above questions are NOOOOOOOOOOOO , SO don't you think these might be the vital reasons for/cure of diseases? 

Here,I will drive you through a Presentation Which will tell you about the food habits that are to be followed......

Do's and Dont Do's

1. Each time six tastes [Astringency, Saltiness, Sweetness, Sourness, Bitterness, Pungency (Spiciness)] 

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to be added when we take food. The food which has six tastes will be converted into blood and it gives pleasure. Otherwise food will become toxin and food will not be converted into blood

2. Eat Sweet first as well at the end of every meal.
When sweetness is added into our food immediately spleen and stomach will segregate all the necessary enzymes required for digestion. Sweetness helps for easy digestion.

3. Through tongue and tastes only “life force energy or vital energy“ will be created in the body.
Tastes plays a major role in activating several organs of our body.
How we can prove this scientifically?
The above statement can be realised by your own self. If you are in hunger you feel so much tired but the moment you start eating fatigue vanishes slowly.  But  you could observe , while eating itself/soon after your meal, you feel energetic. But Biologically, our stomach takes approximately minimum one hour to maximum 3 hours for digestion.

How is it possible???
While eating food, energy is gained by tastes. Six tastes in food keeps several organs to be healthy.

This is the proof that every organ works based on taste.

4. While eating concentrate only towards food. Don't chat, talk over phone and watch TV.
While eating, upon what we concentrate accordingly enzymes will be secreted. So don't be emotionally connected while eating, which stops the digestion process. Be calm and concentrate only towards your food taste and chewing. Just see the miracle of our body system- Every person  will have different blood group like O+,O-,A+,A-,AB+ etc. We all eat the same food but body mechanism converts the same food into different blood composition. Moreover, If we eat food with concentration only then Stomach and Spleen will segregate necessary enzymes [as well jeeva neer and nina neer in tamil] and hydrochloric acid required for digestion.
How we can prove this scientifically?
There is an answer- In front of you anyone brings mango within a fraction of second saliva is produced more. If you feel hungry any food item comes near to you will be tempted more. This shows that our thought and gland functions are more closely connected.

5. While eating mouth should be kept closed. Every time chew properly, saliva to be
mixed fully until food converts to tasteless form.
[Saliva is the prime most enzymes for the entire digestion process. There are six glands secretes enzymes in the mouth]
Chewing the food to the core finer particles relieves the constipation problem. The person who chews the food properly will live long without any disease.
Our stomach is polythene like paper. No mixi and grinder is built within our stomach. The entire food is separated into molecules through fermentation process. Swallowing food without chewing properly lead to impurity of blood.
Impure blood leads to
1. Menstrual disorder
2. Poly cyst Overies
3. Tumours
4. Diabetic
5. Gastritis
6. Liver disorder
7. Kidney disorder and countless in number. 

6. Before eating wash your face, hands and legs for activating the digestion system.
It will energies and activates the entire digestion system. There are several acu point connected with many major organs from face , hands and legs. And also several internal organs are directly connected with our face, legs and hands. By washing these external organs we make internal organs  to be fresh and active.

7. Half an hour before and after eating, at the time of eating don't drink water. If
required few sips can be taken.
Consuming more water at the time of taking food causes to dilute the hydrochloric acid in the stomach which may lead to indigestion. No fermentation  (chemical reaction) process happens with food. [Scientifically, we know that any acid is diluted more will not fit for chemical reaction!!!!]

8. Forty Five minutes (45) after bathing do not eat food. After eating food (2 and 1/2) two and half an hour do not take bath. [Body functioning will be proper only at 37 degree Celsius – The above said time duration is required to maintain the body temperature. [The Triple Warmer Meridian helps for maintaining the body temperature]

9. Water should be taken only when thirst feel arises. Drink slowly sip by sip. [Our stomach is not a pot or vessel to pour much water.]

10. Always advised to drink the water which is kept in the mud pot. two and half an hour is enough to purify the water. This is the best and natural way to purify the water.

11. Do not drink boiled water, bottle (Mineral) water and the water purified by modern instruments.Which takes out all the necessary rich minerals available in the water.

12. Don't use liquidator and mosquito coils.
It seems to be slow poisonous. [Today mosquito dies immediately. whereas, cells in our lungs and respiratory organs will die slowly]

13. Physic work is mandatory.
To maintain the body temperature and its proper functioning physic work/exercise/yoga/jogging/walking is mandatory. Every cell releases the energy and temperature only when physic work happens in our body.

14. Compulsorily 8 hours rest/Sleep is required for better metabolism.
      Even he/she don't feel to sleep, also it is necessary to take complete rest for the 8 hours duration  in  the night for proper metabolism.

15. Live and sleep in the natural air circulated area for inhaling more oxygen.
Every day spare some time near to trees and plants for rich oxygen.Every cell lives with oxygen. A human body system have got 6,000 core cells. Each cell have got membrane and mitochondria. Membrane in a cell acts as a door to take oxygen and glucose/sugar/starch/corbo-hydrate from the blood and discharges all the waste materials into the blood. Whereas, mitochondria is like a stove to burn the oxygen+glucose to release the energy and to convert it into calorie.

16. Avoid Air conditioners. Our body glands will function properly only when our body temperature is maintained 37 degree Celsius.

17. Take 10 minutes to 15 minutes to eat food. Not more than and less than this specified time for better digestion.

18. Do not drink more Tea and Coffee. If any one drinks tea add few(normally 10) drops ghee into it stir and drink.Whereas, along with coffee add little butter into it stir and drink.. This makes you to be healthy.

19. Avoid white sugar. It is almost equivalent to slow poison. Instead jaggery, pure natural honey can be added for food preparation.

20. After urination have some amount of water. It compensates the dehydration process.

21. Always try to sit in suk Asana or padmasana [crossed leg posture]. For proper blood circulation.

22. Avoid sleep in the day time.

23. On regular basis take oil bath, oil massage and oil pulling.

24. Avoid taking Butter milk or Curd and Green Leaves [keeraigal in tami] in     the  night.

25. Daily Be exposed to sun light  at least an one hour, for gaining vitamin-D
      and for proper functioning of several glands.

26. Eat dinner one hour before your bed time.

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