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July 27, 2011


When we sleep in the night our body metabolism secretes lot of valuable Enzymes (In Tamil - Neena Neer and Jeeva Neer) and several blood compositions into Spleen and Stomach and Liver. These are more required for immunity power.

Let us have a deep look into the scientifically related issues.
Our Stomach is very thin polythene cover like organ. Stomach secretes lot and lot of Nitric acid and Hydrochloric acid. These two acids play a key role towards food fermentation and digestion. Our Body system digests the food only through fermentation process. There is no mixi and grinder used for digestion.  All we know that, any acid kept in contact with the flesh and muscles harms us. Whereas in Stomach, these two acids are separated by the stuff called mucous gel from the stomach to protect it from external forces. When we take more water in the empty stomach it dilutes these two acids, and in turn converts to toxins which become useless for digestion. It can also disturb the mucous gel due to which it leads to ulcer and acidity.
There is a fluid which will be secreted for lubrication benefits to transfer food from stomach to Large and Small Intestines finally to the Bowl and Anus. Therefore the fluid also will be diluted when we take more water especially in the early morning.

Drinking water in the empty stomach dilutes all the valuable acids and chemical compositions and Moreover it deactivates the fermentation process in the stomach which leads to indigestion. Further it can be a pathway for fourty two (42) types of diseases to get infected..  

Another interesting fact would be that when you consume water in the very early morning, it can lead to decline in the complexion of a person or skin tone etc…

There are three organs such as Liver, Small Intestine and Heart which functions with the help of Temperature (Fire energy). When we sleep in the night normally our body temperature will be normal. Consuming more water reduces the temperature and it cools around each of these organs, but that causes Posterior Cerebellum disorder/Heart Failure. Further it can show various disorders like aggressive behavior, mental disorder as well as psychosomatic disorders.

Never ever consider this as an enforcement, its all up to you to make changes !


Dear Viewers,

I would like to share more facts pertaining to this article, which I received from many people through the means of emails and calls.

Mr.X started drinking plain water in empty stomach right from the age of 14 years till 32 due to constipation problem. But it didn't result in any positive effect on him because of constipation problem he had, but in turn it showed various other side effects.  Recently he started realizing the beauty of siddha treatment. He gained few knowledge about siddha and naturopathy as well as he had undergone treatment for few issues in the past few years. During the time of treatment occasionally Mr.X used to have lot of discussions with his Doctor. As per his routine activities, he consumed water in the early morning and he went to meet the Doctor and asked “ Why am I facing this much turmoil “  In fact It was very surprise for him upon hearing the above mentioned facts.  For more confirmation and satisfaction he just took few suggestions from other doctors. What happened was even they also suggested that drinking water in an empty stomach causes health issues.

Its very important to make a note that, unless and otherwise there is a necessity or hunger we should never feed the body either with food or water foreseeable. Drinking so much water in an empty stomach is one of the forced actions to our body. That itself is bad for health and causes health issues and disorders which I had mentioned already. Our sensory organs and body have got enough intelligence to signal the need of water, food, air, sleep, rest, including sex. If there is no need don’t feed or apply anything to the corresponding organs or parts of the body.

Our digestion system starts with mouth, in our mouth three are three valuable enzymes which had got secreted (two sides on the mouth and one beneath the tongue).  They also secrete amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starch into maltose). If anyone drinks water at a stretch these enzymes may not get into water which you consumed naturally consumed becomes toxicated.

So friends think again..........

Is drinking water in an empty stomach good or bad ? Every action has both positive and negative effects. Think more on this issue provide more of your views, suggestions with us.

There are more and more facts in the upcoming issue of this article, till then I wish you a good day !

This is the one habit invents lot of diseases in us. Please avoid drinking more water in the empty stomach in the early morning especially.

[Note: Tea/Coffee/Fruit Juices/Soups/any health drink advised to take].

Drink water when you feel thirsty else please try to avoid

Drink slowly and consciously sip by sip.

 Dear Viewers,
The following is the message I got it from one of the Visitor.

Dear Madam,

Have gone through the contents on drinking water early morning on empty stomach. Please find the attachment wherein item 13 is devoted to this practice only. Although not yet incorporated asymmetrical body parts is also a major that also seems to be related to the provisions described under the stated item.

Keep Going...Good Luck

Best Regards

Praveen Kumar Amar
Disaster Management Consultant - Natural & Manmade
Mobile Number: 80 10174 998 –
N. Delhi

*Home Remedies Expert
**Faculty at Safdarjung Hospital [Guest], New Delhi & NCC (Camps - Trainee Cadets) New Delhi Directorate
***Member IAG, NSSP - NDMA GOI
****Coordinator sub head “Drinking Water” - NDMA GOI – for Evolution of Guidelines on Minimum Standards

“Drinking Water/ Liquid Early Morning on Empty Stomach, Related Side Effects and Its Remedial Measures” 

It has been increasingly witnessed that practice in incessant use of drinking water/ liquids - early morning on empty stomach is having a direct effect on the individual tolerance/ threshold limits. Such intake seems to dilute the accumulated acid in the stomach and stimulates the stomach to produce more gastric juice and resulting in irritation of stomach, which also aggravates the gastric problems in patients with gastritis. These conditions lead to other chronic diseases further aggravating their sufferings. Eating 1-2 non oily biscuits like glucose, marie, baked wheat etc. before consuming/preceding drinking water/liquids on empty stomach in the early morning seemingly resolves the side effects.


  1. These are awesome tips you are providing madam... :) keep it up

  2. This tip is mostly not known to people, a very good tip...

  3. As you clean your vessels ans dishes with water, same way your body has to be cleaned daily. This is the only way to clean your body.In the morning, if some thing undigested is remaining, water flushes away and make us feel very good. My dad is 75 he is still healthy as he is following this. He cycles for 2-3km daily which is amazing. I am also following this and my visits to doctor is may be 1-2 times a year.

  4. I hav experienced a lot benefits from it,i cnt believe it y v can hav or shud eat like king our breakfast bt luch n dinner v light? M so confused :-(

  5. I have also read that drinking water on empty stomach is good.

    Which is the right thing to do ?

  6. I used to drink 500 ml of water first time i woke up, it's a great cure for my peptic ulcer. Drinking water in the morning on empty stomach is very good for health

  7. I drink around 750ml water per day early in the morining... I was having constipation for around 14 to 15 year.. but my problem has been solved. I feel very fresh when I drink water and moreover it has increased my immunity.. I used to always fall ill but now i dont... Drinking water is really good for health..

    1. The same thing is happened to me.

    2. I Drink 750ml water Every single Morning and i feel very healthy. I had Anxiety and panic attack problem for 4 years which cured by drinking water.

  8. I drink 3-4 glasses of not cold water in early morning for 5 years,Ithink it raises human activity, forbid constipation

  9. Drinking (luke-warm) water after you wake up in the morning is an excellent thing to do. It prevents you from almost all diseases, besides increasing immunity and energy.

  10. Instead of plain water drink lemon juice in warn water it has more beneficial..

  11. This is anecdotal evidence at best... could we site a peer reviewed source or two? Or is this pseudoscience something we are supposed to swallow on faith?

  12. Please stop spreading "baseless" evidence as facts.
    1. Body releases acid (into stomach) only when brain tells it to do so, which happens when you eat food. So there is minimal acid left-over in the stomach after digesting supper/dinner.
    2. Chemistry lesson 001 - No chemical (acid) can turn into a toxin just by dilution. The very notion is so stupid that it's not even funny.
    3. The only case where drinking water may be discouraged - is if you're over-weight due to high water ratio in your body (one of my relatives has it) - which may have been caused due to drinking excess water. Even then, warm water with lemon (and honey-if you like) is Ok.

    To sum it up:
    a. Water in early morning is good.
    b. Stop advertising your Siddha treatment through baseless claims like these.
    c. Try to retain the trust of your readers, don't misuse it by misleading them.

  13. Dear Madam,
    i am suffering from migrane problem, gas, acidity ,constipation

    I read ur article on side effects of drinking water empty stomach.

    From 12yrs drinking water but i got no relief from constipation.

    I wana to talk to u.

    With regards,

    Ashish kumar
    Note i will be waiting for ur reply

    1. Dear reader pls don't go to any ayurvedic or natural cure centre all these people are fraud and have no degree from any medical institutions, i had suffered a lot from these people only believe a reputed MD or MBBBS and consult to them don't believe in Ayrvedic Doctors all are same having not too much knowledge and open dispensary without certificates. It is my humble request to you pls consult any good certified Doctors

    2. Water is never harmful to our stomach try to drink as much as water u can drink it will definitely cure constipation, don't believe this fool ayurvedic people they open their shops to make money they don't treat peoples

    3. Water is never harmful to our stomach try to drink as much as water u can drink it will definitely cure constipation, don't believe this fool ayurvedic people they open their shops to make money they don't treat peoples

  14. HeyTarun,
    Could you help to Mr.Ashish Kumar

  15. Asalam o Alaikum Dear brother sister if you have any friend who knows any Muslim who want to recite and learn quran u can tell them.about me I m Islamic teacher taking classes on Skype I shall be very thank full to you

  16. I don't believe that drinking water can be danger early in the morning, it may be danger if someone have arthritis.
    For healthy people it's very useful

  17. Wonderful blog & good post. Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging! drinking water purifier. It is very important.

  18. Useful hints and tips to keep your body healthy and strong only on our website. Follow the link.

  19. You are right sir, i think drinking water at an empty stomach is not usefull for all. Somehow it increase your constipation,gastic ,indigestion,mental disorder,cough and cold weight loss. Water is to be consuming as per body capicity, excess water drinking cool down your body temperature and slow down the digestion process.

  20. Drinking warm water in the morning promotes peristalsis and elimination of wastes. Some people drink coffee as soon as they wake up for the same reason. How can anyone say drinking water in the morning is dangerous?? That is nonsense. One doesn't drink for up to eight hours during sleep. it's only natural to want to drink water as soon as one wakes in the morning.

  21. Treating diseases the noble way- Madhusudan Naidu in the Direction of Swami’s Ideals!- Madhusudan Naidu Muddenahalli
    in the Direction of Swami’s Ideals!

  22. You need to do a lot more research and broader reading. Your "comments" are misleading and not discussing the whole reaction of water first thing in the morning on am empty stomach. Bad post!


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