June 6, 2016

Major Organ and its Bio Clock

Organ Functioning
3.01 A.M – 5.00 A.M
Lungs – Suitable time for Pranayama, Yoga and Meditation.  By doing yogic practices during this time  may be exaggerated. [Note: During this time Asthma patients normally suffer a lot]
5.01 A.M – 7.00 A.M
Large Intestine  - those who suffer from constipation should try and move to toilet facility. This apply over a amount of your time can cure the constipation disorders.
During this time life energy or vital energy in the body will be more.
7.01 A.M – 9.00 A.M
Stomach – Morning breakfast has to be finished during this time for the better digestion.
9.01 A.M – 11.00 A.M
Spleen – During this time the breakfast/food  will be converted into nutrients and blood. So nothing has to be eaten during this time better to avoid even a sip of water. Otherwise the process of food synthesis will get affected.  [Note: During this time Diabetic patients normally suffer a lot]
11.01 A.M – 1.00 P.M
Heart – During this avoid talking, being in anger mood, shouting, fighting, tension and anxiety etc. [Note: During this time Diabetic patients  should be very careful]
1.01 P.M – 3.00 P.M
Small Intestine –  Have delicate lunch and be within the rest.
3.01 P.M – 5.00 P.M
Urinary Bladder - Best time for voiding.
5.01 P.M –7.00 P.M
Kidney – Best time for yoga, meditation. Prayer and pranayama.  Best time for planning your future.
7.01 P.M – 9.00 P.M
Pericardium  (Heart Shock Absorber) – Best time for dinner.
9.01 P.M – 11.00 P.M
Triple Warmer – Passage to connect head to lower abdomen.  Best time for bed time.
11.00 P.M – 1.00 A.M
Gall Gallbladder-  everybody ought to be in deep sleep.
1.01 A.M – 3.00 A.M
Liver – everybody ought to be in deep sleep. Liver cleanses the whole blood stream.

May 27, 2016

Try this method to avoid hair fall/hairloss

There are two methods available to prevent and recover from hair loss and early baldhead. Depending upon the available ingredients you can try any one method.

Method 1:

1. Take aloe vera gel. [Take a raw aloe vera petal and peel it off. Take out the gel]
2. Add guava leaves [Grind well using mixi. FIlter it]
3. Add these two ingredients and mix it well.
4. Apply this on your scalp leave it for one hour on daily basis.
5. Take hairwash.

Method 2:
1. Take 3 or 4 pieces of fresh garlic. [Make a paste of it]
2. Take few tea spoons of olive oil.
3. Add these two ingredients and mix it well.
4. Apply this on your scalp leave it for one hour on daily basis.
5. Take hairwash.

May 26, 2016

Kids Brain Devlopment

1. Ask them to drink plenty of water.
2. For dinner in the night try to give fresh fruits and vegetables, dry nuts.
3. Give 10 pumpkin seeds every day.
4. Ask them to inhale deeply so that oxygen supply would be proper.
5. Ask them to get up by 6 o'clock.
6. Ask them to sleep by 9.30
7. Give breakfast between 8.00 A.M to 9.00 A.M
8. Avoid microwave cooked foods.
9. Avoid coloured candies and chocolates.
10. Avoid packed and preserved foods.
11. Give one spoon of honey in the empty stomach.
12. ask them to avoid tea and coffee.
13. GIvem them walnut.
14. Ask them to avoid icecreams and baked foods

FInally, give them any eatable items that are prepared at home.

Always try to talk positively with them. 

May 24, 2016

True Facts About Coconut Oil

There are lot many controversies exist about use of coconut oil in daily cooking. But here is the scientific article speaks about 

How the myth have come into public mind? 
What is the cause? etc.

Article Written by   Dr. B. M. Hegde, India, "Coconut Oil-Ideal Fat Next Only To Mother's Milk"

A chemical called "monolaurins" found that both in coconut oil and mother's milk. Other than mother’s milk monolaurins are found only in cocoanut oil. The best fat that mother’s milk has monolaurins.

Now anyone can understand the usefulness of coconut oil. 

The substance "Manolaurins" is the best medicine for aniti bacterial, antiviral and antifungal agents. Most viruses, including the retrovirus HIV, are sensitive to cocoanut oil.  Coconut oil is said to penetrate hair roots to keep hair healthy and clean. They have even found some very interesting therapeutic values in cocoanut oil. 

A recent report shows how it could be used to treat aluminum oxide poisoning (agricultural pesticide content) for which there had never been any specific antidote so far.

Coconut oil has been now classified as a functional food. Functional food was defined as "food that provides health benefits over and above the basic nutrients."

In general all fried foods  are not good for health, but if fried in coconut oil, fried foods are not that bad, after all.


A wonderful prayer. This prayer and thought pattern should be there within each and every doctor.

Though doctors are well qualified they can not understand body, mind and conscious of each and every human being. First a doctor should surrender herself/himself to the nature and divinity.

Always there is a saying

"Doctor gives medicine
God Cures the disease"

Very fantastic way of worshiping the almighty each day of his/her treatment.


O Vidhaatha! Bless me with such an insight, intelligence and patience T

hat I may listen to my patient with a smile, compassion and tolerance.

O Merciful! Guide my mind, my hands, while I examine him, not to omit… A
ny sign or symptom of his illness – not even a bit!

 O Creator par excellence! Enthuse me with such a kind and loving attitude,
That as we depart, my patient is full of happiness and gratitude.
Grant me vision to relieve his misery and make him bold,
This shall fill me with thoughts pure and my coffers with gold!

Grant me! Grant me!!

O, the Benevolent Unseen, May I ever serve his prime need, not my own! – Dr. G.B. JAIN – (1930 - 2009)