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Mouth Freshening with Herbals

Do you feel shy to talk to people????

     Do you feel mouth odor or unpleasant smell? 

         Do you feel sour throat?


Follow these simple tips to feel fresh and confident.

1. Before tooth brush (Gargle with water 5-10 times)

2. Take 20-30ml or mouth full of (Gingelly / Sesame /coconut oil / ghee) gargle for 5-10 minutes

3. Take any of the herbal powder like Ocimum tenuiflorum, also known as Ocimum sanctum, holy basil, or tulasi (also spelled thulasi),  dry ginger powder, neem or any herbal powder and mix with salt (Now effective and simple tooth powder is ready)

4. Use this for teeth brushing morning and in the night.

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V type will react quickly to changes in their environments.

They are exceptionally changeable, and resist regularity in their lives because their active minds demand continual stimulation.

When their energy is high they can be the life of the party, but burn out quickly.

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Home Remedy for FIBROID and Uterine Tumors

Very simple and effective medicine for fibroid or any uterine tumors.

1. Take Aloe Vera Gel (50 gram)
2. 5 pieces of garlic (Peel it off)
3. Make a juice of these two items.
4. Add palm sugar into juice
5. Boil it for few minutes
6. Drink this drinks in the empty stomach

This gives fast remedy for uterine related issues.

Homemade Herbal Tooth Powder Recipe

The following ingredients helps us to prepare natural tooth powder. You can brush using this powder for whitening and prevention from tooth cavity and decay. Continuous usage of this tooth powder will heal quickly even if you have spoiled tooth.

Dry Neem leaves
Dry Tulsi leaves
Tripalathy Powder
Dry Amla powder
Turmeric powder
Long Pepper
Mint Leaves
Cumin Seeds
Salt (Optional)

Put all the above said ingredients in the mixi and make it as a powder. The proportion of above said items are based on the choice of individual's.

Home Remedy for Dental Issues

The root cause of the dental problem and mouth odor is the intoxication of the digestive system.

1.Gargle with sesame oil
2.Gargle morning and night with turmeric powder and salt
3. Instead of tooth paste use thripalathy powder with salt.
4. Take more fresh fruits and vegetables than cooked foods.
5. Go for enema
6. Detoxification of stomach and entire digestive system is essential.
7. Chewing the neem leaves or cloves or cinnamon or ellachi or thulsi leaves also will give remedy.

Treating Navel Center With Oil

Human body the  navel  (clinically known as the  umbilicus , colloquially known as the  belly button , or  tummy button ) is a hollowed or sometimes raised area on the  abdomen  at the attachment site of the  umbilical cord . Everyday night applying oil within and surrounding area of the navel center can cure lot of ailments. You can feel miraculous benefits. Recent days no one has time to take oil bath. Oil bath is must to maintain body temperature and healthy triple warmer. Here is the simple alternative solution for everyone us.

Everyday during the bed time, applying oil within and surrounding area of the navel center can heal lot of ailments. With this oil treatment, you can feel miraculous benefits. Daily practice can give a cure for eye sight problem, eye dryness, knee pain, stomach pain, hair fall, tiredness, shivering, skin dryness, digestion problem, diseases related to liver and gall bladder, nervous problem, menstrual irregularity and uterus related problems. 

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