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Home Remedy for Tooth Decay

Do you suffer from tooth decay?

Don't worry!!!      There is a guaranteed cure for tooth decay with herbs!!!

The remedy which I am mentioning in this article will help very much especially the problems is in the beginning.

The following steps with core intense care the affected person has to do. Until you feel completely you had come out this dental issues you have to follow. Probably 5-10 days you have do the following medication without fail.
1. After every meal: Chew guava leaves (3-5). While chewing guava leaves in your mouth will secrete a lot of saliva. Keep the chewed leaves and saliva in your mouth for 15- 30 minutes. Spit it out after this time. Subsequently take warm water in a glass add turmeric powder and salt and gargle it 5-10 times.

2. At least one time during the day: Take around 50 grams of tamarind leaves,  add one glass of water and one teaspoon of turmeric powder boil it for 10 minutes.  Cool down until it becomes just warm and add one teaspoon of salt, gargle 5 – 10 …
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Homeremedy for Fatigue/Tiredness

Do you feel lack of energy, sleepiness, weakness, fatigue or tiredness...

Be happy there is a simple solution to become rejuvenated and energetic.

There are only two ingredients...

1. Pine Apple pieces
2. 5-10 Peppers
3. Prepare a juice
4. Daily in the empty stomach consume one glass of pine apple juice along with pepper powder.

Wish you all success to become energetic and enthusiastic.

Natural Remedy for Foot Crack

Healing foot crack become simple... 
   Effective medicine for foot crack. 

1. Take three tea spoon castor oil
2. Take 3-4 pinches of slaked lime or  hydrated lime  normally people uses it along with betel leaf and nuts.
3. Three or four pinches of turmeric powder
4. Mix all the three ingredients
5. Apply this paste 3-5 days before bedtime for the speedy recovery

You can cover with plastic paper or waste cloth to avoid dirt in the bed sheets and bed.

Mouth Freshening with Herbals

Do you feel shy to talk to people????

     Do you feel mouth odor or unpleasant smell? 

         Do you feel sour throat?


Follow these simple tips to feel fresh and confident.

1. Before tooth brush (Gargle with water 5-10 times)

2. Take 20-30ml or mouth full of (Gingelly / Sesame /coconut oil / ghee) gargle for 5-10 minutes

3. Take any of the herbal powder like Ocimum tenuiflorum, also known as Ocimum sanctum, holy basil, or tulasi (also spelled thulasi),  dry ginger powder, neem or any herbal powder and mix with salt (Now effective and simple tooth powder is ready)

4. Use this for teeth brushing morning and in the night.

Personality and its relation to Vata, Pitta and Kapa

Vat (V) types 
V type are sensitive, high-strung (high-strung personalities may be praised for their ambitious or goal-centered nature, or else criticised for their lack of patience and elevated stress levels.)

V type will react quickly to changes in their environments.

They are exceptionally changeable, and resist regularity in their lives because their active minds demand continual stimulation.

When their energy is high they can be the life of the party, but burn out quickly.

Sometimes they crave companionship and other times demand solitude.

They usually make friends easily, but their friendships are often short-lived.

They love to travel for fun.

Their hyper adaptability gives them flexibility and a potential for detachment.

They find it difficult to concentrate on any one subject, and often fail to complete the projects they start.

They recognise the need for self development but are rarely consistent with any one program. 

Their faith often arises from insecurity.

Pitta (P) Type
They are str…